Novar sp. j. M. Romanowski, J. Romanowska Executing a project under the name “Implementation of a new galvanic treatment technology for modifying zinc coating to increase corrosion resistance with consideration for environmental aspects”.

Project objectives and planned effects:

The project aims to implement an innovative galvanic treatment technology in the enterprise to enhance the corrosion protection of zinc coatings, resulting from R&D activities.

As a result of project implementation, it will be possible to:

– Introduce a new process to the market enabling the production of products with unique benefits for users;
– Increase competitiveness by offering a product that addresses identified needs;
– Reduce negative impact on the environment;
– Increase company activity in international markets;
– Enhance innovation level and significant technological;
– Build the company’s image as innovative and environmentally friendly;
– Create new job opportunities.

Project value: PLN 5,715,072.00

European Funds contribution: PLN 2,091,880.00

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